I'm buddhist.
The result of genetic recombination and entropy.

"You want happy ending?!"
17. April 2014

you were once
my earth
solid beneath
my feet
what I counted
on for grounding
with your immense
pull [gravity]
but now I know
even planets
can crumble
and vanish
without a trace.

17. April 2014

my unrequited
builds like
a spring with
too much tension
and I fear
that my heart
may burst
if I keep it in
much longer.

17. April 2014

it doesn’t
matter what
we desire
fates have
been written
in the stars
and across
our hearts.

17. April 2014


I wouldn’t need
another song,
a poem, an escape,
you’d be my song,
my goddess,
my sapphire.

Yet unaware
of my pain,
my longing,
you live.

We’ve known
each other before,
long before this madness,

we knew how to kiss, and
fall in love, and make sense

16. April 2014


not of crass things,
elemental things,
but of lofty religiousness,

avoir du chien,
to clean with upright curve,
to curse of soul asleep,
that girl,

beneath her indecisive role,
to mound, to pestle grind,
to mortar fresh into the room,

oracular flowers, spitting wetness
to the sun, or remotely grinning
to the West,

petals climbing to ultraviolet heart,
to mound, to feed in vain.